Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Plus size maternity clothes

I am a plus size girl, whose in her 6 month of pregnancy. My mom had gotten me some maternity pants and a few shirts to wear, and I picked up a couple too. But I am trying to find plus size maternity shorts, that won't break the bank and the inseam is a little longer than 5 inches.

I honestly didn't think it would be so hard finding plus size maternity clothes, I have shopped around, and what stores actually carry if available in plus size, well I find less than desirable. So I started searching online. Not having much luck there either. I will probably be needing shorts for June, July and August, so will have to have more than one pair. I'll be outside puttering around in my yard and in the pool. Gosh will I be able to find a swimsuit?

I am not sure what I am going to do, maybe I should look for a pattern and make my own maternity shorts. Old Navy has some maternity french terry shorts which I would like but the inseam is 5 inches. Might have to go with these if I can't find something else.

Is there affordable plus size maternity clothing out there?

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Making Baby Things

Well it's Sunday morning, with my first cup of coffee I pick up where I left off on a bootie I started crocheting last night. While watching a movie with my husband, with a really bad headache I finished one white bootie and started the second one. I don't know why but if I sit down in my chair, I go right to crocheting. I've taught myself, and have screw ups to show for it. I have gotten better, not only do I crochet booties, there are baby socks, sweaters, hats, bonnets, and blankets. I also crochet dishcloths and scrubbies. They aren't as fun as the baby stuff.

I am also sewing stuff for my upcoming arrival. I have made burp cloths, and I have cut out the receiving blankets, so much cute material and so many blankets to sew the edges on now. And since we don't know what we are having, all will work with boy or girl. I also have a bib pattern to try, and I bought a pattern to sew those adorable summer hats. I also have my Grandma Fales old flannel night gowns to sew something for baby, she pasted away in 2007. She couldn't wait for me or my brother to have kids. She has seen all her other grandkids' kids, but ours, we took to long finding the mr. and mrs. right for us.

I also have cross stitch bib patterns to do. I have till August to meet this baby, so I guess I'll have plenty of homemade by mommy stuff for him or her.

My mom has made a night gown for baby, so she has a pattern for clothes, so if I run out of things to do from now until then I can borrow the pattern from her and start sewing clothes too!

I am not one who just takes it easy, I have these projects to make sure I don't over due it on a daily basis. Granted I am not sitting all day doing them. But with the warm weather I want to go outside and do yard work. I worked for so long and hard to get pregnant I don't want to screw it up.

Homemade baby things, it's a great thing to do!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

In the beginning

In the beginning...

I am 20 weeks pregnant, I am a stay at home and grow baby, wife. My job wasn't good for me getting pregnant and after many years of trying and turning to IVF and it not working the first time, my husband and I decided it would be best for me to leave my job before round 2, plus we had just one more shot at it.

It worked! We are half way to meeting our little baby. Shh it's a surprise on what we are having! So come August 2010 we'll get the best present in our lives. Found out we were pregnant just before Christmas so that was the best Christmas present ever!

My first trimester was hard, needles, needles and more needles. Needless to say I lost my needle phobia. Dr. Shamma was awesome, he made our dreams come true. I miss going there, when you do IVF you get monitored very closely, and then you graduate back to your regular ob/gyn, which I really like, but I miss the staff at IVF Michigan Ypsilanti office. Sure I'll be back some day when it's time to thaw our little kid-cicle!

So that's were we are for now. Pregnant, and keeping busy at home with the housework, some yard work, crocheting, sewing, and sleeping. Trying to clear out the little bedroom that will someday be a nursery!