Friday, June 11, 2010

A day of Rest!

Hi all, we have been very busy working around the house this week. Chad was done with school on Monday and I've worked him every day. We did get the sheds cleaned out and most of the things that resided in baby's room that go into the sheds are now there. The room isn't empty by no means, we still have stuff to shuffle about the house. Sure we'll find homes for it all, I hope. But after so much work I am not feeling that great today, and since Chad is working at the gallery all day I am resting, and feeling better for it. I hate that I've become a girlie girl, I can't lift heavy things, I can't work for long periods of time, I can't reach things really high or down low. So Chad has been pretty wonderful for the most part at helping me out. And trying to make me feel better about not being able to do things like I used to. I don't like asking for help, it's very hard for me.

We have a very packed June, two open houses this weekend, then our baby showers the next two Saturdays and we need to throw in there Father's day and Chad's birthday. And I can't say I look forward to all the busyness. I hope the weather cooperates for our showers. And I hope people show up. Oh well can't control either of them.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Ramblings from a Pregnant Woman

Happy June 1st! I am 30 weeks pregnant, and only 10 to go, well for me 9 since we will be having a pre-scheduled c-section in the 39th week. Unless some of the people in my life are right and baby will be born earlier, most are thinking it will be a July baby instead of August. Your guess is as good as mine.

Having a crazy day, or should I say weird. Chad forgot to set the alarm, yet I woke up at 5:34am and was able to get us up and going. Well sort of, I noticed that my right foot was swollen and the left wasn't. And it appeared to be the right leg was swollen too, and the left wasn't and I had this weird tenderness on the right side above the hip. This is new! Seemed to take me longer to get things done this morning. For awhile I couldn't remember what I did from the time Chad left for work till 7:30am, when I was getting a bowl of corn flakes and dumped it all over the kitchen floor, oh what fun, I had to clean it up before trying for another bowl. Wishing Teddy was here then, he'd clean it up for me, that is my parent's dog. Then I laid down with my right foot and leg elevated on pillows, figured when I broke my foot a few years back I had to elevate it to reduce swelling, well I fell asleep, but when I woke up the swelling was gone, both feet were the same size. Yippy!

After that I showered, got the pool filter going, checked the chemicals, started laundry, and some came on the computer. So since the nap I seem to have better control and haven't dumped anything.

We had a productive weekend, I was busy working on getting stuff from the baby's future room done and out of there, along with getting the pool opened, from Friday on, then Monday came and I hit the wall, I felt like crap, slept in till noon, then was up till 3pm, took a nap till 6:30pm, and then stayed up till 9:30pm and went to bed for the night. I had energy for three days. We have a better idea of what is in the room that needs a new home, and pretty much an idea of where that home will be, once we clean/re-arrange the sheds. I have to wait a week to have Chad, this is his last week of school and a weekend of grading. Then we can work hard of getting the stuff moved to sheds, and he can start working on the baby's room. Ripping up the carpet, painting the walls, laying new carpet, and then we'll have our baby showers, so the room will soon fill back up I'm sure. He has his dresser to re-finish and that's going into the baby's room.

I have the urge to get going on this room. I never got my pole barn to move the stuff out too, so it has to go into sheds or be gone. Granted we already hauled away one car load of donations. And working on a second one. Plus the amount of trash that is going out to the road each week, is amazing. And we are having fun getting rid of stuff. Both of us are, we are liking this less is more attitude.

For now I am working on rolling yarn so it fits neatly into an under the bed storage container, and house work, mainly laundry today. So we'll see what gets done and what doesn't and go from there. I would like to spend sometime in that room today, only time will tell, and how I feel.

Thanks for listening!