Sunday, April 18, 2010

Baby flipping!

Started Friday evening, I felt the baby start moving, like really moving, and it wasn't stopping. We've seen he/she move on the ultrasounds, so we know he/she is an active baby. Now I can feel it. It feels like he/she is constantly flipping in there. Kind of like when you drive down a hill and your tummy flips, and you go weeeeeeee! Well baby is going weeeeeeeee! I don't have to be relaxed and laying down to feel it anymore. It happens throughout the day. Makes me smile every time! I can't feel it on the outside yet, so haven't grabbed Chad's hand to feel baby move, I am sure it will be soon.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

That's my Baby!

Baby Bennett's little foot, isn't it cute!

That's my Baby! 23 weeks and 1 day, Baby Bennett!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Good and The Bad

The good for the day: We got another peek at baby, the ultrasound went just fine, the baby's heart is fine, they couldn't get a few measurements on the last one that was at 18 weeks, so we went back today. Baby is laying side to side, with it's head on the right. It's feet are by it's head. We got three new pictures, one of a foot and two profile picks with a fist. So all it looking good! The heart rate was 154.

The bad for the day: Trying to register for baby stuff, plan was to register at Walmart, we already registered at Babies R Us, at the first Walmart the girl told us we could only print out at that store, you couldn't register, had to go to a different store. So we drove to another Walmart, where the guy tells us, you can only register online, not in the store. I was pretty pissy now, I had it all planned out what to register where. And I'm sorry the crib I like at the Walmart store isn't online at all, and what's in the store doesn't match what's online. So we left there, me ranting and raving how stupid that all was all the way out the store. We then went to Target, where we got to go around the store and scan the items we wanted. Granted many of the things I wanted, that were wrote on my list for Walmart aren't carried at Target, but I got to add them to the Babies R Us registry online, we looked at them in the store when we were there, but wanted to register at more than one place, give people options. Hopefully I am done with it. I didn't find it all that fun. One baby things cost way to much, come on now. But I doubt I can get away with a buy me used stuff for my baby shower gifts, it's cheaper.

So for now, I am going to try to relax a bit before it's time to go to sleep, look at the picture of my darling baby, and remember it's for he/she.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Baby kicking

I felt the baby kicking last night around 1:35am, ok one might wonder why I was awake, bathroom run. I laid back in bed and felt the first kick, and thought no way, do it again, and sure enough the baby did it again. Awesome!

I was so tempted to wake up my husband, but knew that wouldn't be so good, especially since when I put my hand on my belly I couldn't feel the kicks with it. So that might be a bummer for him. So I let him sleep. I thought about getting up and blogging about it, or send out a mass email. Instead I stayed in bed enjoying the moment, and fell back asleep.

Once the alarm went off, and my husband had removed his ear plugs, I snore, I told him the exciting news.

Maybe the baby was letting me know it appreciates all my sewing, I made the last of my receiving blankets last night that I had cut out, I have 18 total. Or maybe not.

Happy, Happy, Mama! Growing a baby!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Boppy Wedge

I've had trouble getting comfortable at night, I have a pillow for my legs, and another that works good to line up along my back, but still had troubles getting and staying comfortable. We have taken off our memory foam mattress topper, and I have a board under my side of the bed.

While we were registering at Babies R Us, we came across the boppy wedge. I walked around the store the whole time carrying it. I had hopes that this would be the missing piece to comfort. I was right! I don't toss and turn like I used too. I also don't have pain in my back from just laying down. It's the answer to one of my many prayers. I don't do well without sleep. I know I am going to become sleep deprived very soon, so I figure I need to get all I can now. We are at 23 weeks on Tuesday, so 17 more to go. And during the first trimester I was so sick from 6pm on that I pretty much laid in agony at night, and took very long naps during the day. Sleep has always been very important to me. Only time will tell what will happen when the baby comes. I probably will sleep when baby sleeps.

Heard the baby at home

I got to hear the baby here at home in the comfort of my bed this morning! Awesome! We purchased one of those at home listening things like in February, and I tried and tried to hear the baby. I got a kick of what my insides sound like, so not all was lost.

Today was the day, this morning I thought I am going to try again, and I could hear the baby's heart beat, not anything like the doppler thing at the doctors office, but still very cool. So I started yelling for Chad, so he came down, and I told him I can hear the baby, so I had him take the headphones off my head and listen. It was so cool to see the smile on his face. He can't feel the baby move yet, but now he could hear it.

We have another ultrasound on Wednesday, the last one was just a little early to take a couple of measurements of the heart they need, so we get to see the baby yet again. I went from seeing it every other week, and then had to wait 5 weeks, and that was suppose to be it, but now we get yet another peak at baby, and another picture for our book.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

It's that Time

It's that time again, spring allergies are going strong. I had read in a few of the pregnancy books that pregnancy can make allergies better or worse. Unfortunately mine seem to be worse, though the news said that springtime allergies are going to be bad for all suffers this year.

Not only do I have to deal with the regular allergy symptoms, I have to worry about the food I consume. Lets see a pregnant lady that needs to avoid fresh fruit and vegetables, that doesn't sound right. In my case it is. I had one reaction to food a couple of weeks ago, a dish that I had eaten two weeks prior and had now troubles. Celery, that is the usual suspect, can't eat it at all, anytime of the year, started out being just with springtime allergies, I have what they call Oral Allergy Syndrome. But it's gotten worse and can't consume celery at all. My birch tree allergy causes my body to confuse some fruits and veggies as birch pollen and attacks.

I had to go online to find out the list of what I should be concerned about. The list is apples, carrot, cherry, pear, peach, plum, prune, nectarine, apricot, kiwi fruit, honey, potato, tomato, spinach, celery, parsnips, green pepper, lentils, peas, beans, peanuts, parsley, anise, dill, fennel, caraway, coriander, cumin, wheat, buckwheat, hazelnut, walnut, almond. That is for birch trees. I am also allergic to mugwort, which has a list of celery, carrot, spices, melon, watermelon, apple, chamomile, hazelnut, anise, fennel, coriander, cumin. Then ragweed will follow that one with watermelon, canteloupe, honeydew, chamomile, honey, banana, sunflower seeds, zucchini, and cucumber.

I know I can't consume celery at all, fresh or cooked, nor the spices. I also am allergic to coconut, not on the oral allergy syndrome. Both make my mouth, tongue and throat swell, but first they go numb and tingly, so that is my cue to take two benadryl, and pray. I have had to use an epi pen in the past, not fun. But the dish I ate didn't have celery, it had almonds, crispy orange chicken, carrots, red peppers, broccoli, mushrooms, rice. This time I did spot these green things that looked to me like celery, but my husband tried it and said it was green onion. The waitress assured me that it didn't have celery, and the green things were green onion. So from the big list it could be carrots or almonds. Or I have developed another food allergy. And during ragweed time I have to avoid all melons, otherwise I am popping benadryl.

Funny thing is I have issues with like baked beans in the can, so far the only one I never reacted to was bushes homestyle. Can't have much processed food, like stuffing mixes, or those boxed meals, and frozen dinners, chicken broth in the can or box contain celery. I have to read labels, and avoid anything that just says spices.

So when I explained this to the doctor's office at my prenatal visit, I got the usual, ok that is odd. And to avoid the things that cause it. Which this time is hard, I have eaten carrots, and almonds, but not since the reaction. Everywhere I go I have to ask what is in food. Most times I just avoid food at other peoples places, or gatherings. Both my family and my husbands family try to be careful with the celery allergy, but I still have had reactions, by accident.

Lucky me, I have baby showers to go to as a guest and two of my very own. I'll be the pregnant lady not eating much at her own shower. Unless food is cleared before hand to be celery and coconut free.

It's all part of my goofy life!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Hospital Ickies

Ever since I can remember I don't do well in hospitals, certain other places also give me the ickies. By ickies I mean when I am there I will start sweating, get cold and clammy skin, feel like fainting (I have fainted), and sick to my stomach, where I just need to lay down, let it pass or go outside. My family knows that I am this way, my dad tends to be this way too. It used to be any part of the hospital. But over the years I find it has changed to emergency rooms and recovery rooms.

I was kicked out of Bay Med when my mom was in emergency there, I was feeling icky so I went outside, but I hadn't caught it soon enough, so I thought best to pass out in the hospital where someone will see me, instead of on the sidewalk. I made it back to the room my mom was in, and they put me on the empty bed next to her, put the head down and feet up, gave me a cold, wet cloth for my head, and once I was better told me not to come back in, that I needed to sit in my car and my dad will come out and let me know what was going on, they didn't need to worry about taking care of me too. Also had issues when visiting my mom in recovery after her brain surgery, only then my Aunt Jen was there to catch me, got me to a bathroom, cold water on the face and then she took me outside till I felt better.

I have also had issues at the vet's office, and where I used to work, every once in a great while I'd get like that and have to lay down for a bit.

My husband had sinus surgery on Thursday, April 1st, and I didn't want anyone there with me, I am a big girl I can take care of myself. Though I did think I hope I do well since this is the hospital I am suppose to give birth in, can't get kicked out from there. I did fine waiting with Chad before surgery, and during his surgery, that is until I was finally called back to see him, I wasn't there long before I started sweating, my skin got cold and clammy. I sat on the floor just in case I pass out, I wouldn't have far to fall. The nurses couldn't believe I was sitting on the floor. I also had been sitting in their chairs for hours and they weren't comfortable to be, the hard floor was better. One brought me a coke, which helped, but not for the long haul.

I am pregnant and so I get lightheaded very easily to begin with, and I think that was why it was so hard to shake the ickies. They seemed concerned that I was the one taking him home, but I told them once I'm outside, I'll be just fine. So I helped Chad get dressed and then I went to go get the car. I left that area and entered the main hospital entrance area and I already felt better. I went to the parking garage and got the car, and went where they instructed me to pick him up. All was well in my world again.

Now I have had procedures and surgeries myself, but I don't remember having these hospital ickies when it was me who was the patient. I had been to the ER there many times, usually for food allergic reactions, which would be another blog post, it's very odd what I have to be careful not to eat. I went had two IVF procedures and I don't remember feeling like this. So what is it?

Chad is doing very good, even though he doesn't feel good, he feels like he has a really bad head cold, which the doc warned us on. I just hope today is better than yesterday for him. I wish I could make it all better for him. Sad thing is I don't feel so well, but mine are allergies, abdominal cramps which are normal for being pregnant, I feel wore out, but I think that was just from worrying so much about him. So we just keep checking on each other.