Saturday, April 3, 2010

Hospital Ickies

Ever since I can remember I don't do well in hospitals, certain other places also give me the ickies. By ickies I mean when I am there I will start sweating, get cold and clammy skin, feel like fainting (I have fainted), and sick to my stomach, where I just need to lay down, let it pass or go outside. My family knows that I am this way, my dad tends to be this way too. It used to be any part of the hospital. But over the years I find it has changed to emergency rooms and recovery rooms.

I was kicked out of Bay Med when my mom was in emergency there, I was feeling icky so I went outside, but I hadn't caught it soon enough, so I thought best to pass out in the hospital where someone will see me, instead of on the sidewalk. I made it back to the room my mom was in, and they put me on the empty bed next to her, put the head down and feet up, gave me a cold, wet cloth for my head, and once I was better told me not to come back in, that I needed to sit in my car and my dad will come out and let me know what was going on, they didn't need to worry about taking care of me too. Also had issues when visiting my mom in recovery after her brain surgery, only then my Aunt Jen was there to catch me, got me to a bathroom, cold water on the face and then she took me outside till I felt better.

I have also had issues at the vet's office, and where I used to work, every once in a great while I'd get like that and have to lay down for a bit.

My husband had sinus surgery on Thursday, April 1st, and I didn't want anyone there with me, I am a big girl I can take care of myself. Though I did think I hope I do well since this is the hospital I am suppose to give birth in, can't get kicked out from there. I did fine waiting with Chad before surgery, and during his surgery, that is until I was finally called back to see him, I wasn't there long before I started sweating, my skin got cold and clammy. I sat on the floor just in case I pass out, I wouldn't have far to fall. The nurses couldn't believe I was sitting on the floor. I also had been sitting in their chairs for hours and they weren't comfortable to be, the hard floor was better. One brought me a coke, which helped, but not for the long haul.

I am pregnant and so I get lightheaded very easily to begin with, and I think that was why it was so hard to shake the ickies. They seemed concerned that I was the one taking him home, but I told them once I'm outside, I'll be just fine. So I helped Chad get dressed and then I went to go get the car. I left that area and entered the main hospital entrance area and I already felt better. I went to the parking garage and got the car, and went where they instructed me to pick him up. All was well in my world again.

Now I have had procedures and surgeries myself, but I don't remember having these hospital ickies when it was me who was the patient. I had been to the ER there many times, usually for food allergic reactions, which would be another blog post, it's very odd what I have to be careful not to eat. I went had two IVF procedures and I don't remember feeling like this. So what is it?

Chad is doing very good, even though he doesn't feel good, he feels like he has a really bad head cold, which the doc warned us on. I just hope today is better than yesterday for him. I wish I could make it all better for him. Sad thing is I don't feel so well, but mine are allergies, abdominal cramps which are normal for being pregnant, I feel wore out, but I think that was just from worrying so much about him. So we just keep checking on each other.

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  1. Is Chad doing better now that it's been a few days?

    I've only had a hard time at the hospital once, when my sister was getting an IV before getting her appendix out. I ended up in a wheel chair! :-)