Monday, April 12, 2010

Baby kicking

I felt the baby kicking last night around 1:35am, ok one might wonder why I was awake, bathroom run. I laid back in bed and felt the first kick, and thought no way, do it again, and sure enough the baby did it again. Awesome!

I was so tempted to wake up my husband, but knew that wouldn't be so good, especially since when I put my hand on my belly I couldn't feel the kicks with it. So that might be a bummer for him. So I let him sleep. I thought about getting up and blogging about it, or send out a mass email. Instead I stayed in bed enjoying the moment, and fell back asleep.

Once the alarm went off, and my husband had removed his ear plugs, I snore, I told him the exciting news.

Maybe the baby was letting me know it appreciates all my sewing, I made the last of my receiving blankets last night that I had cut out, I have 18 total. Or maybe not.

Happy, Happy, Mama! Growing a baby!

1 comment:

  1. Very exciting!!! Those first kicks are awesome! :-)