Sunday, April 11, 2010

Boppy Wedge

I've had trouble getting comfortable at night, I have a pillow for my legs, and another that works good to line up along my back, but still had troubles getting and staying comfortable. We have taken off our memory foam mattress topper, and I have a board under my side of the bed.

While we were registering at Babies R Us, we came across the boppy wedge. I walked around the store the whole time carrying it. I had hopes that this would be the missing piece to comfort. I was right! I don't toss and turn like I used too. I also don't have pain in my back from just laying down. It's the answer to one of my many prayers. I don't do well without sleep. I know I am going to become sleep deprived very soon, so I figure I need to get all I can now. We are at 23 weeks on Tuesday, so 17 more to go. And during the first trimester I was so sick from 6pm on that I pretty much laid in agony at night, and took very long naps during the day. Sleep has always been very important to me. Only time will tell what will happen when the baby comes. I probably will sleep when baby sleeps.

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  1. I had to look up the Boppy Wedge to see what it is. It's amazing how something so simple looking could help so much! I wish I had one while I was pregnant! :-)