Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I'll try to be a better blogger!

My sweet angel, Samantha is 7 months old, and so much fun! She has one tooth and the second one is coming in. I can pretty much do things around the house now with her in tow, well in the mama roo while I'm on the computer, and in her swing in our bedroom when mom is jammin' while organizing my craft stuff! She dances to the music, it's so much fun! If only there was a wedding we could dance with her at??? My baby is finding her moves.

She's not crawling yet or anything like that, but she lifts up her butt like she's trying to do a back bend from the floor position. Each day she grows up a little more, and something else that is mundane for us is exciting to her and that makes me excited too!

I can't imagine life without her, she is my pride and joy! She was worth the wait! And I can honestly say I can't wait to get otter pop out of storage at IVF Michigan and try for him, no don't know it's a him, but my wonderful hubby said he thought it was a boy. We hope and pray that the process will go good and we get a second baby. I think might try it after Samantha turns one, though don't want to be pregnant again through the summer, that sucked! If only it would happen on it's own, but don't think we are that lucky!

Well I should add a lovely picture of my beautiful daughter!

Here Samantha is wearing my christening gown from almost 38 years ago! She had so much fun in it, and looks beautiful!

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