Saturday, May 8, 2010

Baby Fine, I need to slow down a bit!

Yesterday we went to the doctors, and met one of the partners, which could be the one to deliver our baby, she was so nice, I really liked her. I was kind of in a goofy mood, not sure why, maybe it was just getting out of the house. My wonderful husband was able to meet me there, even he thought I was really goofy acting. We have fun, I asked about bug spray, in my mind I shouldn't use anything with DEET in it, and I was right. I explained that I slowed down this week and feeling better, no cramping until the day before when I was doing the hokey pokey in my kitchen while cleaning it. The doctor laughed and asked what goes on at our house. I dance while I clean, and I was in pain after wards, no more dancing while I clean, and not suppose to weed my flower beds if it too causes pain. Which it does, I think it's because I just sit on my butt in one spot and try to reach as many weeds as possible before I try to get up and move. My husband apparently was worried about me that if I kept going the way I was I'd end up on bed rest. Which the two days of it after the embryo transfer about killed me. He admitted this to me once I said I think I need to slow down.

I am home, I feel like it's my job to take care of the house, and yard and whatever else needs to be done. I just can't do it anymore. And I it is killing me, I so want to take care of the yard. The house work I can still do most of it, finding with each week certain things are getting really hard to do, like pulling clothes out of the washer that are in the back, but I still get them. I have to ask my husband to put coffee cups away from the dishwasher, I can't reach the top shelf anymore. So how to I stop feeling bad for not doing something at all times of the day? I think I have come up with a plan to not work so hard, or do to much in any given day by spreading it out, I just like having all the cleaning done in one day, and the laundry done in one day. Things are changing, and I guess it will be good practice since I am sure once this precious little one is born I won't be able to do it all in one day.

So for the baby, I will be good! Not like when I broke my foot a couple of summers ago, didn't really let that stop me nor slow me down. But now another life depends on it. Which is moving around so much. I can see my belly move from the outside, which is just weird. I've only gained 5.3 pounds since January, and they gave me only 11 pounds to gain for the pregnancy. So I am doing good there, granted I am so much bigger now, and hard to believe it's only 5.3 pounds that did it. Baby's heart rate was 154. All is well. Just no more hokey pokey! Though I am coming up to the start of my third trimester, so I guess slowing down isn't so bad. I can create more things for baby. Life goes on!

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