Wednesday, May 26, 2010

To Hot Hot Hot for Me

I am not liking this hot weather. Granted being pregnant seems to make me tolerate it less than normal. I am however beginning to fill my pool, then comes the huge process of opening it, balancing the water, getting it clean and then being able to swim in it. I think this year it will be well worth it.

The air conditioning in both Chad's car and mine aren't working, so it sucks to go anywhere. At least we have the window air conditioner in the house, we did that when my parents were down a couple of weekends ago to help us out. My floor is beautiful, it looks better than I even imagined. We put laminate floor in the living room and hallway. My mom weeded flower beds, mowed the lawn, whatever she could to help when not needed on helping put the floor in. Got my shed leveled to that weekend. And my brother came out and we went bowling, I had to sit out, but still enjoyed watching my family bowl.

Last evening I met up with friends I used to work with Ashley and Sarah for dinner, and to show off my baby bump. Wasn't showing that much on our last dinner out. It was just so much fun catching up. I miss them. We are going to try and get together more now that school is out.

My wonderful hubby is at his parents helping them out with computer issues and then he's going to meet up with his brothers for dinner at Jason's house. So I won't see him much today, I am missing him, but I can share him a little bit now and again. Probably until baby comes then I think I'll really need him. Starting a family is a little bit scary now. Soon we'll have this little bitty baby to take care of. Granted it's what we wanted for so very long, but we have nothing ready for baby. I have bottles, diapers, and clothes for the beginning. That's it so far. It's room is still a storage room. We go the laminate floor out of there and installed. And with the shed leveled, and Chad sealed some holes Monday night, we might be able to start moving more of the stuff from Baby's room to the shed, along with poison for the mice. These are my indoor christmas decorations we are talking about. Camping stuff too. Then comes going through who knows how many vhs tapes we have stored in there. I am sure we have dvds for some of them, and then we need to figure out what ones we'd really want to have on dvd and find them, and what ones we can live without. And do we hold onto some of them. Plus Chad has a disney vhs collection, what to do with those. Plus there is craft stuff in there. Only 6 more days of school for Chad and then he's off for the summer so I am sure we'll work on baby's room, and getting the camaro up for sale.

So much to do and it's just so hot outside. But I need to go out and stuff off the hose and let my well pump rest a bit. Then stand in the kitchen where the air unit is and cool down. I can't get over how hot I get. I don't want to cook my kid.

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  1. It has been pretty warm! We have a lot of big trees to shade us here, so I haven't noticed the heat too much-plus the lake factor is nice too!

    I'm so excited for you to have everything ready for baby. You'll have to show pics of the room when it's all ready!

    I don't think you'll cook your kid-LOL! Being so pregnant in the summer is rough-not something I'd do again if I could help it! You're getting so close now-hang in there! :-)

    You'll like having the Disney movies when the little one gets a little older-I know mine love them!