Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mom's Day

Well I am going north to see my wonderful mommy today, who is always there for me! Next year she'll have to share the day with me, and I know she doesn't mind.

I'm going north solo again, my husband has to work a gallery shift, which I am really tired of him doing, but hopefully this will be the last one, we decided to pull his art from there, one small piece has sold in 6 months, and I hate spending $50 a month and having him going usually on his only available weekends. So since he's working there, we are splitting mother's day, which I don't think we have done. It's ok by me. I get to spend more time with my family. I have been seeing them plenty lately, except my brother, so it will be nice to see him. And no hugs, since my family aren't huggers and I like that.

I really miss my family, more so since being pregnant. I so wish we lived closer to them, they are the ones who always help us out, would do anything for us, and have dropped what they were doing for us. I have great parents, who drive 2 hours to work hard. I am blessed! That is why going home today and celebrating my mom is so important to me! She's sewed the baby some very cute night gowns, and revamped some of my old pants with stretch panels and cut them off for shorts I can wear around the house this summer. And when I was really down about maternity clothes, she went online, ordered and sent them to my house this winter, at that key cross over from my clothes don't fit anymore and can't find plus sizes in the stores. She doesn't make me do things I don't want. And she respects me enough not to hug me. That is a really big deal to this pregnant woman.

There is no one like my mom, she is truly wonderful!

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