Saturday, July 31, 2010

It's a Girl!

Chad and I have a daughter, and she is oh so cute and precious. She decided to cause mommy lots of pain with back labor and constant contractions once my water broke on Friday. We had a scheduled c-section for Tuesday, August 3rd. I didn't like labor, I cried, screamed, yelled, during it while waiting for the spinal, the nurse kept calling the anesthesiologist. We were all waiting on him to begin. Our little girl may be an only child, since I don't think I want to do this pregnancy or labor thing again.

However, I am bouncing back rather quickly, and our daughter seems to be progressing well, she's off from oxygen and this crazy thing that they had in her nose,which she constantly tried to pull it out, they wrapped her arms down with a blanket, looked like a mini straight jacket. She is slightly anemic, and they aren't sure why, and are searching for the cause. We haven't been able to hold her yet. She has lines in her belly button, since she fought them so hard when they tried to put in an iv. I hate leaving her up there in RNICU, but going to go up soon to see my little pumpkin. She is amazing, and nameless still, Chad and I have it narrowed down to two names, and hopefully by tomorrow we'll decide. We worry about shortening of names, one has an option, but the other we would rather not.

So I finished my dinner and now waiting for my next dose of motrin for pain and then I'll go back and spend sometime with my little girl one on one.

I wish my brother could have been able to see her, but only parents, me and Chad and grandparents, so our parents. They won't even let great grandparents in. Oh well, hopefully we'll go home together on Monday or Tuesday at the latest.

I'll post some pictures too!

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