Thursday, July 8, 2010

Home stretch!

Well we are on the home stretch so to speak, and it's not all the enjoyable with the heat, humidity and not being able to do what I want when I want. I am trying to take it easy, when I do, I feel better, but then I get that got to be productive in my head and do to much. It's amazing how tired you get so fast now.

I'll be 36 weeks pregnant on Tuesday, and we are trying to schedule the c-section on August 3rd. Though my parents think baby might come early. I think because they have a 2 hour drive to get here. And since we have a plan for them to bring down the motor home and stay here on the property for a bit to help out, which works when you know the day. If baby comes early they'll bring the car down and then go back to get the motor home. I am just trying to keep baby safe and sound inside for as long as possible.

We had both our baby showers, both were a great success, and we have pretty much all we need to bring baby home, and then some. I can't get over how generous everyone was. I felt so loved, it was amazing! Granted both were very hot, but it didn't rain. And had to have a few days of recovery after wards. Learned to drink a lot more water at the second one, since I didn't during the first one.

We couldn't fit all the gifts in my car at the one up north, I have a big family and we have lots of friends, so we brought my parents truck back. Talk about a blessing in disguise, turns out my car had some major problems I was unaware of, we don't drive it that often, more so now since Chad's car needs work, but he's off for the summer. My wonderful parents fixed the problems so we have a safe car for us and baby. It's old and I've had it for 8.5 years, and don't plan on getting a different anytime in the near future. I have the greatest parents out there!

Now Chad needs to go work on his car up there, it's not normal for us to take our cars up there and leave them to be worked on, that usually don't fly, we are usually always there to help under my dad's guidance. This time with mine was special and probably a once in a lifetime thing. So Chad will go and work on his car with dad's help, get the ready before baby comes too.

The nursery is pretty much done, need to find window coverings, or blinds without cords/strings, and paint the doors and put them back on. But if baby came we'd be ok. We have the crib on order for site to store pick up at the Walmart by my doctor's office so hopefully at the next visit we'll be able to pick it up, if not the next week's appointment.

So that is my update for now! I am going to try and add some of the pictures from the shower. The cake from up north was funny, "hello mommy, goodbye tummy" Plus Chad doesn't look that good in the pictures, he takes good photos when he's not aware they are being taken, just those posed ones seem not to turn out. Plus we were hot and tired.

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